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Neck and Back Pain Relief Tips

Our team of chiropractic bristol , discusses correct desk set up to help with neck and back pain ?

Our Bristol chiropractic team based at Reco spinal centre in Westbury on trym , examines how many modern professions require one to sit on their desks for hours on end, as a result many complain of neck and back pains. This is because the whole concept of siting on a desk for a whole day, day after day requires one to abandon comfort in the name of efficiency, often leading to chronic pain.

However, not all is lost… there are some ways you can adjust your space to better support your body during work.

The Right Chair

Bristol Chiropractic Mandeep explains how people don’t tend to notice how often they hunch over their desks.

Having the right space to sit can make all the difference, we notice here at our bristol chiropractic and spinal health team are always discussing with clients , a high-quality chair should be shopped for carefully. Try out various styles in store and see what works for you. Aim for a desk chair that supports your back and promotes good posture. You should be able to adjust the height, the headrest, and even the armrests to ensure you can fit the chair to the position that’s most comfortable for you.

Desk Options

The height of the desk set up is surprisingly also significant where it comes toconcerns regarding one’s posture,explains Mandeep, BristolChiropractor

Craning your upper body forward create muscle strain which can lead to spasms in the neck or tension headaches. Adjustable desks are widely available online. While sitting at your desk, you should be able to bend your arms at a ninety-degree angle and have them rest comfortably on the surface. Reaching or bending down is a sign that you further need to adjust your chair and desk height.

Monitor Height

We as team at our bristol chiropractic and spinal health team at Reco Spinal Centre are explaining to our clients , Your computer monitor too needs to be at an appropriate height. Whether you adjust this with a stand or some other method, the goal is to have the screen at a height and angle that doesn’t require you to move your neck or shoulders. For this reason, larger monitors are often helpful because more can be displayed and enlarged on the screen without needing to get closer to see things clearly.

Everyone Needs Breaks

Even with the best desk setup possible, taking breaks isimportant. Your body needs tomove, and your mind needs time away from work. Take regular breaks throughout the day to stretch, go on short walks and eat your meals. You’ll find that your overall happiness will go up and your pain will be well managed with these small changes.

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