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What is a Sports Massage?

Sports massages are primarily used to reduce muscle stress and tension caused by training. They can also improve a person’s daily function and sports performance.

There are three main reasons why people seek a sports massage: rehabilitation, restoration or injury prevention. 

Sports massages are especially suited to athletes training for or recovering from events demanding on muscles and joints, such as the Great Bristol Run or the Bristol Half Marathon. 

Whether a person’s training programme consists of running, weight training, tennis, dancing, martial arts or playing in a hazardous Sunday football league, a sports massage can help athletes perform at their best.  

The benefits of a sports massage in Bristol

Sports massages can enhance performance, aid in recovery, and prevent injury. These are some of the key benefits:

  • Increases blood flow to an injured area
  • Improves range of movement (ROM)
  • Improves flexibility 
  • Breaks down scar tissue
  • Increases circulation of blood and lymph fluids around the body 
  • Breaks down knots
  • Stimulates muscle repair 
  • Promotes the breakdown of damaged tissue
  • Offers relief to stiff joints and muscles 
  • Restores balance to muscles, joints and nerves

Techniques Used In A Sports Massage

The therapists at the Reco Spinal Centre are knowledgeable, highly trained specialists. They offer a range of treatments and techniques designed to alleviate specific ailments with post-treatment advice to maintain and enhance the effectiveness of the sports massage received.

Some of the main techniques include:

Effleurage – stroking movements with the hands sliding over the skin

Petrissage – (from the French word to kneed) uses direct pressure to compress and then release of soft tissue

Friction – small forceful movements applied back and forth over isolated areas 

Tapotement – hacking and cupping to stimulate the skin and superficial muscles

Vibration – rapid back-and-forth rhythmic movements 

Why Book a Sports Massage with Reco Spinal Centre?

The Reco Spinal Centre in Bristol has state-of-the-art facilities and the best equipment and technology to assess and treat muscles. Bristolians regularly come to the Centre for pre-event or post-event sports massages, recovery, rehabilitation, preventative treatments, and muscle therapy. 


Our specialist therapists are trained to support clients suffering from many ailments including repetitive strain injury, muscular lesions, weak trigger points, muscle tightness, arthritis, sciatica, carpal tunnel, postural imbalance and equilibrium.


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