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At Reco spinal centre, We pride ourselves on making sure we are a multidisciplinary team and made up of a multicultural team.

What to expect

Experiencing back pain, aching joints or bad posture? Our Multidisciplinary team of chiropractors , Spinal therapists , Massage therapists in Bristol can help! What to expect from Reco Spinal Care? Please check for the Conditions we treat. We strongly recommend that you call us and schedule an appointment to talk to our team.

Initial Consultation

In the first appointment, we will establish the nature of the complaint and determine if we can help you . We will ask you to tell us about the problem — how it started, what helps, what other treatments you may have tried, and your medical history — to get the whole picture


Next, We will perform necessary orthopedic and neurological tests, examine the Musculoskeletal system , and if necessary we may request and take X-rays with our in-house facilities.

Report of Findings

Once the consultation is over, we will organise a follow-up session, where we will inform you of the outcome of the tests and discuss the various treatment options available. In the unlikely event that our team is not suitable to treat your problem, we will endeavour to refer you to someone better placed to treat your condition. Rest assured that we will always make sure you are in the best hands with our team.


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