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Our Bristol chiropractic team discusses Is screen time hazard for your health ?

Is screen time a hazard to your health?

Television, video games and internet browsing are how many adults and children pass their free time. But what does screen time do for our health? Plenty, and it’s not good, according to the research.

our Bristol chiropractor Mandeep and is concerned about the risks associated with screen time and encourages adults and children alike to limit TV, video games and computer use for their well-being. Read on to learn more about the latest research on the hazards of excessive screen time

Unhealthy eating habits with excess screen time

The idea that watching too much TV makes you fat and unhealthy – the classic “couch potato” image – is well-grounded in science. In a recent investigation of 11,656 children aged 5-19, researchers collected information on height, weight and time spent watching television after school. They found that for every 30 minutes of average daily viewing, a child is 21 per cent more likely to be obese (Int J Behav Nutr Phys Act 2011;8:66).

In addition to physical inactivity, food advertisements often get the blame for childhood obesity. Fast food commercials are twice as common and candy commercials are three times as common during children’s programs compared with adult programs (Health promo int 2005;20:105-12). Other investigations find that ads for unhealthy foods are rampant during children’s television shows around the world (Am J Public Health 2010;100:1730-6.)

Do these commercials make a difference in how kids eat? Research suggests that they do indeed, says Bristol chiropractor Mandeep. A study of fifth and sixth-grade students revealed that those who watch more television have more positive attitudes towards junk food (Soc Sci Med 2007;65:1311-23).

Cardiovascular Health and Diabetes

Obesity linked with excessive screen time brings myriad health risks. A paper appearing recently in the journal of the American medical association connects watching over two hours of TV daily to increased risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, blaming both unhealthy food choices and replacement of physical activity with television (JAMA 2011;305:2448-55).

Screen time and sleep

A final way screen time can harm well-being is its effect on sleep for adults and kids alike. The doctor warns patients that exposure to the bright light radiating from a TV or computer screen close to bedtime inhibits the body’s melatonin production, making it more difficult to fall asleep.Getting engrossed in a TV show, video game or internet chat often delays bedtime and stimulates the brain, further delaying sleep (Adolesc Med State Art Rev 2010;21:418-29, sleep med 2010;11:735-42)Both evening and daytime screen time can adversely affect nighttime sleep for children. An analysis of 3- to 5- year olds shows that sleep problems were more likely with exposure to violent content during the day and screen time after 7:00 pm.

Neck problems

we have previously blogged and discussed a syndrome called ‘ Text Neck ‘. As we move into a generation where we are on our phones and computers more, this has been shown to affect the curvatures of the neck lordosis (spinal curve), and in turn can cause neck pain, cervicogenic headaches etc. Our Bristol chiropractor Mandeep and her team are helping people with neck issues and issues related to excess screen time. Don’t wait for the problems to get worse, click here and book in with our bristol chiropractic and spinal therapist team, and book a consultation with us!