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Our Bristol Chiropractor discusses – how to dress up for posture

Our Bristol chiropractic and Spinal therapists at Reco Spinal Centre are asking you – Are your outfits hurting your spine this autumn?

As the promise of warm September looks less and less likely, it’s time to welcome the cool embrace of autumn and change our wardrobes for the colder months.

That means it’s time to trade in flip-flops for cosy boots and swap shorts and summer dresses for warming layers.

Our Bristol chiropractor discusses that just as importantly as staying stylish, let’s look at how you can also prioritise your posture and spinal health this autumn. While we all know that the change in seasons often means adjusting our clothing choices, what many people overlook is the impact this can have on our posture.

Here’s how to strut your stuff in style without compromising your spinal wellbeing:

1. Embrace Proper Footwear

While those summer sandals provided comfort, autumn calls for more substantial footwear. Be sure to choose boots or shoes with proper arch support to maintain good posture, and avoid high heels for extended periods, as they can strain your lower back (as well as leaving your feet aching!).

2. Layer Smartly

Autumn’s charm lies in layering. But bulky layers can cause poor posture if not managed carefully. Opt for well-fitted clothing that doesn’t restrict movement or force you to hunch your shoulders, or you’ll feel it at the end of the day.

3. Accessorize Thoughtfully

Scarves, hats, and bags can be stylish additions to your ensemble, but they may also strain your neck and shoulders if not worn correctly. It’s important to strike a balance between fashion and function by choosing accessories that don’t add unnecessary weight or tension – like a huge pair of earrings that pull you all over the place.

4. Stay Active

Here at our bristol chiropractic and spinal therapy clinic notice It’s fairly common for us all to become slightly more sedentary when the cooler weather comes – partly because we’re less tempted to go for a stroll when it’s pouring down with rain or freezing cold! But just because heading outside is less desirable, that doesn’t mean we can’t stay active and keep moving. Remember… motion is lotion. Regularly getting up to stretch or do some simple bodyweight exercises will help keep your spine feeling tip-top.

5. Mind Your Posture

Says our Bristol chiropractor Mandeep, Whether you’re waiting for your pumpkin spice latte or taking a leisurely stroll through the park, be mindful of your posture. Our chiropractic team explains Keep your shoulders relaxed, chin level and spine aligned. A simple adjustment can make a world of difference.

And remember, maintaining good posture isn’t just about appearance – it’s about your health. And proper posture:


  • Supports Spinal Health: Good posture reduces the risk of spinal issues, such as misalignments and pain.
  • Enhances Confidence: Standing tall exudes confidence and positivity.
  • Boosts Respiratory Function: Proper posture allows your lungs to expand fully, enhancing your breathing.
  • Reduces Muscle Tension: Correct alignment minimises muscle strain and discomfort.


Remember, style and wellness can go hand in hand. By making mindful choices in your wardrobe and being conscious of your posture, you can look good this autumn without putting yourself through pain!

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