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Why is injury prevention important in sports?

Our spinal therapists and chiropractor Bristol explain Why is injury prevention important in sports?

Injury prevention in sport

Here at reco spinal centre a team of spinal therapists and bristol chiropractors have been and are closely following the world cup football.

we have noticed the amount of injuries football and other sports can cause in just a single match. Being injured is not fun for anyone! Therefore this is the perfect time to inform our patients about how we can help them recover from any injuries as well as help you keep injury free to enjoy your beloved sports or physical activities!

Sports injuries

Sports injuries can occur all over our bodies. More common sports injuries affect our joints, muscles and ligaments. As a keen sportsman myself I know how frustrating it can be to not be able to play my sport because of an injury. I have suffered from many over the past 10 years and as a practitioner, in this clinic, I have treated many more. Through my experience, I am very aware of the importance of sports injury rehabilitation and prevention.

We at Reco spinal centre have expertise in sports injury chiropractors, and spinal therapists, helping people with all kinds of sports injuries that people sustain after going for that long run, completing that marathon, iron man, or just hindering with the ability to play golf.

It’s not a surprise when the picture of the fastest runner Usain bolt being treated at the pitch side after winning a race, became such an iconic picture. Usain suffers from scoliosis and he recognises the need to help his spine be looked after, as it can have an impact on his performance.

Being active can bring about many issues. Some sports injuries can be prevented by underlying problems such as posture-related issues and others from heavy impact or overstretching. Injuries to different joints such as the knee or ankle, as well as the surrounding muscle groups and connective tissues are common across a large variety of sports.

Come and have a check-up with our bristol chiropractor and spinal therapist.

So if you are looking for a sports injury clinic near me, Bristol chiropractic and spinal therapists at Reco spinal centre can offer a number of ways to help you recover from your injury. We can get you checked by our bristol Chiropractor or Spinal Therapist to see if there are underlying issues with your spine or posture which could potentially have led to or contributed to your injury when playing your sport. We also offer sports massage which can be an effective tool in aiding the recovery of an injury. Exercise prescription is also a key factor when returning to sports from injury and this is something all our practitioners in the clinic can provide. We can combine these practices to help you through your rehabilitation.

As well as helping you recover from your problem, we also want to help you prevent further injury when playing your sport, enhancing sporting performance. Our practitioners of bristol chiropractic and spinal therapists will work alongside you as you continue to participate in your sport, making sure you are in the best position to prevent injury as much as possible. So don’t delay, book in and let us work with you to get the most out of your sports .