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What is Ankle Pain?

An ankle is a complex joint made up of bones, muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments and blood vessels. When a person feels pain or discomfort in this area, it can be for many different reasons.

People suffering from ankle pain can display a variety of symptoms; a sharp pain in the ankle when walking or running; sore, bruised, throbbing, puffy or swollen areas; stiffness and excessive aching.

If a person is unable to put weight on their ankle it’s time to visit our Bristol based specialists to diagnose the problem and find a solution.

What are the Causes of Ankle Pain?

Reco Spinal Centre sees a wide range of patients suffering from ankle pain. Sometimes patients remember the exact moment they twisted their ankle whilst toppling over their high heels on a Friday night out in Bristol, or whilst being on the receiving end of an inappropriate tackle during an intense football match. Other cases are more of a mystery and require a specialist to make an assessment.

These are some of the common causes of ankle pain identified at the clinic:

  • Ankle sprain
  • Sports injury
  • Tendinitis (inflamed tendons)
  • Achilles tendon injuries and ruptures
  • Bursitis (swelling around the joints)
  • Fractured or broken ankle
  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome (tibial nerve damage)
  • Sural nerve entrapment
  • Arthritis
  • Infections
  • Irregular growths
  • Improper footwear

Treatment for Ankle Pain

Initially people suffering from ankle pain are advised to use the RICE method: rest, ice, compression and elevation, and use nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen.

When home-remedies don’t work, it is time to visit our Bristol clinic for a consultation to diagnose the problem and get started on the correct treatment.

Our specialists will determine whether a patient requires chiropractic treatment, physiotherapy or massage therapy. If the cause is to do with foot mechanics, the patient will be referred to a podiatrist (foot care specialists).

Recovering from an ankle injury can take time. It’s important to not rush the healing process to avoid a reoccurring injury that could be even worse than before. By using a range of techniques to alleviate pain and strengthen the ankle area, our experienced team endeavour to get Bristolians back on their feet.

Prevention of Ankle Pain

Depending on the cause of a patient’s ankle pain, our specialists will provide a robust prevention plan to support the treatment received at the clinic.

Some health issues or injuries are difficult to prevent. However, having a healthy diet, being well rested, improving flexibility and strength of muscles, can play an important role in preventing ankle pain from reoccurring. Our therapists can prescribe exercises and stretches to improve a person’s strength and range of motion.

For people that partake in sports or other physical activities, suggestions will be made for best practice: wear the right protective equipment, don’t ‘play through the pain’, stretch, warm up and cool down afterwards, to recover appropriately.


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