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Can a Pregnancy chiropractor help you?

Becoming pregnant is the most exciting time in a womens’ life, the anticipation of this bundle of joy coming into your life, what will they be like, who will they look like ? Is it a boy or a girl?

So starts a woman’s life into the next phase of becoming a mother, or adding a sibling to the growing family?

The posture will start to change as you go through the three trimesters, here at Reco spinal centre it’s not uncommon to see an expectant mother who wants our Bristol chiropractors help with her specialised pregnancy chiropractic knowledge. Be it for keeping them well, going through the pregnancy or helping them with symptoms that affect the musculoskeletal system, Pregnancy chiropractic is a non-invasive way to help expectant mothers whilst they are getting ready to receive their bundle of joy.

Back ache can be one of the most painful complaints on those days when your not pregnant,it is reported that 35.5% of mothers to be can endure moderate to severe back pain, another journal (obstet gynecol 1988; 71:71-5) found that roughly half of pregnant women battle back ache.

Some studies suggest that labour time and labour pain can be reduced with pregnancy chiropractic, according to a study that was presented at the world chiropractic congress.

First time mothers who receive pregnancy chiropractic care, average about 24% shorter labour times than those that do not get care.

Those mothers who have previous children can experience 39% shorter labour times compared with those who do not get any Pregnancy chiropractic care.

Posture will change as the baby is growing, a woman’s hormone levels change, the centre of gravity will shift forward, this in result will exaggerate lower back pain. The Postural alterations triggers a chain effect which disturbs the normal curves throughout the spine. The result ? is a disproportionate amount of stress that is directed at various muscles and ligaments surrounding the spine.

The sacroiliac joint dysfunction is commonly seen in pregnant women, also called SI joint dysfunction. As the hormone relaxin is released into the body, our Bristol chiropractor notices that the sacrum and the pelvis bones can misalign, becoming restricted in the way they move, this in turn can affect the spinal posture, and commonly women come to us asking for help with there posture, or if they have heard of chiropractic for pregnancy they come in asking us to help them through the pregnancy to keep them upright and comfortable as possible.

Here at Reco spinal centre, we will help the expectant mother by administering gentle manoeuvres called chiropractic adjustments. We alway tailor the care to the client, making sure that they are always comfortable. Our Bristol chiropractor is very used to helping expectant mothers keep their posture in the best possible position, and keep the mother as comfortable as possible.

Pregnancy should be an opportunity to reflect on your family’s plans and dreams, and not suffer with pain or discomfort, therefore if you think we can help you, contact us and make an appointment to see if our bristol chiropractor can help you with pregnancy chiropractic.


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